GRRL has executed a number of projects in reconstruction of damaged...

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Equipment Leasing

We supply construction equipments such that work can be conducted effectively, expeditiously...

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General Trading

General Trading

Electronic appliances & batteries, generators & transformers, CISCO switches, routers & phones ...

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Golden Relief Resources LLC

Established in 2001, GOLDEN RELIEF RESOURCES LLC (GRRL), has dedicated exclusively to the area of reconstruction and supply of items to NGO’s, UN agencies and various other Government aided agencies.

GRRL’s prime objective is to provide construction, relief operations and supplies in the areas of re-habilitation and re-development of damaged infrastructure around the globe.

Our Mission

Golden Relief Resources LLC (GRRL) upholds uncompromising commitment to prompt delivery of services combined with quality performance and innovative techniques with a readiness to work in challenged and complex environment for the benefit of our customers, stakeholders and employees.

Our Values

i - innovation
C - Commitment
A - Adaptability
R - Respect
E - Ethics

Innovation - We will constantly pursue newer and better processes, services and management practices to enhance our customer’s experience.

Commitment - Commitment is a fundamental cornerstone underpinning our everyday activities – we recognize the value of commitment to our customers, our partners and our employees.

Adaptability - We believe that a flexible, positive and open mind is crucial in facing new challenges, to be able to modify plans and take action in a timely manner. We will be adaptable to changes and willing to learn & re-learn.

Respect - We respect individuality and take pride in the significant contributions that come from the diversity of individuals and ideas. We strive to create a culture built on trust, respect and dignity for all.

Ethics - We are committed to demonstrate highest ethical standard in all our activities, decisions, actions and behaviors.